you need
  • - advice endocrinologist;
  • - heavy hoop;
Visit your doctor endocrinologist and turn in the blood to check hormone levels.This type of obesity called cortisone.The deposition of fat on the hips it may be associated with an increase in the blood level of cortisol.Eliminate any hormonal disease area.
Review your diet.If the endocrine system is operating normally, cortisol levels can rise because of the constant overeating.If you start to eat once in two - two and a half hours each of your meal will contain a small amount of lean protein and vegetables, as well as eliminate from the diet of fast carbohydrates (sugar, pastries, refined white rice and rich white bread), fathe gradually begins to melt.
Podstegnite your metabolism.Increased physical activity w
ill lead to an acceleration of metabolism.So, the fat from the waist will go faster.If you have never played sports, start with light aerobic exercise.Walking at a brisk pace, cycling, jogging, cross country include processes to ensure the loss of fatty tissue.The main thing in this case - the regularity.Do not make concessions because of a bad mood or drizzle.
If you are ashamed to go to the gym, pumped full of athletes with thin waists and luxurious muscles, start to practice at home.Spin the hoop, a constant massage the problem area will gradually destroy the fat cells.The hoop must be sufficiently wide and heavy.
Every day do the exercise "plank."This static exercise helps tone the muscles is your problem area and it does not lead to growth.Take the emphasis lying on the forearms.Feet rest on the floor only socks.Straining every muscle in the body and legs, keep your body perfectly straight from head to toe.Hold in this position for 15 seconds, rest for a minute, then repeat.Gradually increase the performance "bar" to one minute.
sure to follow stretching to the sides and waist.Stand near the stable support right side.Hold your right hand for support, the arm should be straight.The left hand lift up and drag it to a support, arching her torso to the left.Feel the stretch the muscles on the left side of the case, pause for 20 seconds.Return to the starting position and rest for 30 seconds.Repeat.Then change worked out side.