Never perform stretching exercises without warming up the muscles.Spend 5-10 minutes jogging or jumping rope.This will wake the nerve endings in the muscles and ligaments do more elastic.
best time for stretching - between strength training and at the end of the workout.Power load increase muscle size and make them shorter, stretching allows to fix it.In addition, during the stretch you calm your heart rate and leads to normal breathing.
Perform static stretching if you are an inexperienced athlete.Static stretching is performed at a slow pace.At the point of highest tension athlete must fix the position of the body for 10-20 minutes.
does not fade in a static stretch for too long.At long stretch muscles lose their ability to contract and accumulation motive power.
Perform dynamic stretching, if you've been doing bodybuilding or sports such as basketball, tennis or swimming.
Lock position to the maximum point of tension, and then three times for 20 seconds, perform springing motion to further increase the tension of the muscle fibers.Move slowly, controlling muscle tension.
stretched to as long as you feel the maximum tension in the muscles.In no case do not bring the case to the pain.Never perform stretching exercises spurts.In the starting position back just as slowly.
Stretching exercises in something similar to the eastern system of psychophysical training, such as yoga or tai chi.To ensure proper stretching is necessary to focus on the muscles and the total internal focus.
Include stretching exercises in your daily training complex, or follow them at lunchtime, it will help energize your body, improve brain function and improve muscle tone.
Never hold your breath while stretching exercises.Begin traffic on the exhale and breathe in when returning to the starting position.During fixation poses breathe smoothly and quietly.
Stretching should be symmetrical.If you have paid 30 seconds stretching the right side, the same amount of time to spend stretching left.
Physiologists say that the morning shows more dynamic stretching, and in the evening, when the muscles are sufficiently warmed up - static.