you need
  • - sports uniforms;
  • - a new diet;
  • - sports nutrition;
  • - gym.
Train three times a week with weights.For a set of lean body mass without fat should be dealt with in the near-limit scales shells.This will gain weight and increase the power performance and muscle volume.Make it a rule to add to the bar at 1-2 kg per week.Once you reach the maximum weights, go back to the initial performance and add to it 5 kg.Then simply repeat the cycle.
Watch for the daily ration.Remember that the accumulation of fat promotes the use of slow carbohydrates like cereals, white bread, flour products.Try to always look for a replacement during the training process.Lots of fiber and carbohydrates contained in the flakes, honey, buckwheat and milk.Eat more fruit
s, vegetables and boiled brown rice.Also receive part of the diet of liquids protein or creatine gainer.Dilute the mixture with the milk powder and drink between meals and after training.
Drink a little less water than usual.For the average athlete's normal consumption of clean water a day is 1.5-2 liters.Some of the water leaves the body and linger in the pores, which can cause the appearance of fat .Therefore, for the time necessary to reduce the rate of up to 1 liter.Most of all is to drink before and during exercise.Remember that you should not drink a lot before going to bed.
Switch to basic cardio training with iron.Before you start working with the rod, roll pedal bike for 10 minutes.This will help burn calories and warm up the body before the forthcoming load.If this simulator in the hall is not just jump on the rope.
jog 2-3 times a week.Cardio is the hall - a great addition to weight training.Start with a 10 minute jog in the morning, gradually increasing the distance cross.Your heart will work a lot better.In addition, this activity will prevent fat in the hips and abdomen.