you need
  • - sports uniforms
  • - sneakers
  • - expander
  • - partner (or mentor)
  • - gymor a fitness club, a home equipped bathroom
  • - book
  • - handle
purpose of

first.Decide what your goal is, it can be a build-up of muscle mass and just general muscle strengthening.Make a schedule for the month, end of the month come up with a fair reward for the exercises (hike in the spa or dinner in the restaurant).Next, make a follow-up schedule to achieve the initial goal

set the goal, find the person whose body you would like to have, get his picture and hang it in a prominent place (eg in the bathroom), see vid
eowith your ideal, read his biography, if familiar, ask advice.Pay attention to his diet, habits, hobbies - all this affects the appearance of
Tell all

Declare your friends that you start training.Find the person you will be talking about their results.It is best to team up with a friend who is also trained to exchange information, make joint exercises.You can also take photos and videos of their results and post them on the Internet

Always start with stretching.Do not be distracted by talk during exercise, always come up with exercises daily and follow him.For extra motivation listen to music while exercising.Drink a minimum amount of water, preferably at the end of exercise

Always record the current number of exercises done in a notebook and then compare them to previous days.Make a graph of your progress.
Completion training

sure to take a hot shower, since it splits the lactic acid that has accumulated during exercise.As a supplement, you can drink a protein shake (banana, apple, walnuts, milk, honey)

Periodically watch inspirational movies to maintain the level of motivation.Get expander and train yourself to do a certain number of contractions a day, is accustom to comply with the regularity of your basic training