you need
  • - gymnastic mat;
  • - medbol.
Take plank pose on slippery surfaces, such as on the floor.To do this, take the emphasis lying on his outstretched hands.The palms are located just below the shoulder joints, back straight, the whole body is stretched in a line with his feet.Pull your left knee to the stomach to slide across the floor.Strain the press while in motion.Return to starting position.Perform slide step right foot.Take 10 steps each leg.To glide was better, wear socks.
Lie on gym mat face up.Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, your arms at right angles to the body and put his hand down on the floor.Plunging stomach, tighten your knees to your chest.Hold for two seconds.Then straighten your
legs and lift straight up.Again, pause for two seconds.Then lower them at an angle of 45 degrees and hold this position for four seconds.Return to starting position.Do 12 repetitions.
Lie on gym mat face up.Tighten your abs and lift slightly straightened left leg.Sock pull over.The left hand behind your head, elbows raised, the right stretched along the body on weight.Raise your right leg as high as possible and pull the sock over.Now, lift the body and drag the left elbow to your right knee.Return to starting position.Perform 12 repetitions on each side.
Lie on gym mat face up.Hold the knees medbol weighing 2.5 kg.Spread your hands perpendicular to the body and put it on the floor, palms down.Lift your legs, your thighs form a right angle with the body.Tighten your abs and slowly lower the leg.Do not strain your feet.Again, lift your legs and turn to the right thigh.The shoulders should not lift off the floor.Return to the upright position of the hip and lower your heels to the floor.Again, lift your legs and make a turn to the left thigh.Return to the upright position, and then to the original.This is one repetition.Do 10 repetitions.