Fight cellulite on stomach , firstly, you need proper nutrition.The main objective here is not so much to reduce the number of calories consumed, how much improvement in metabolism and leaves your body of harmful products of metabolism.To solve this problem you have to train yourself to drink daily at least two liters of water.Best of all, if it is green tea, which will help to reduce oxidation.You also need to include in your diet as many foods containing dietary fiber - it's fruits and vegetables, and dietary fiber contained in various cereals.
order to get rid of belly from cellulite , just needed exercise.After all, they normalize your metabolism, reduce body fat, develop musc
le endomorphin, improves blood circulation.Best fit the following exercise: jogging, skiing, swimming, kollanetika, tennis, etc.
also to get rid of belly on from cellulite , you can use anti-cellulite massage.And the effect of it is increased many times by using different tools designed specifically to combat cellulite.Now on the market represented a huge number of them.This variety of massage gels, creams, etc.When selecting such funds, pay attention to the fact that they contain caffeine, vitamin A, ginkgo extract, horse chestnut, and various trace elements which improve general skin condition.The result will be visible after 2-3 weeks from the beginning of their application.
Good needle roller and anti-cellulite massage.If you can not do it, then it will replace the house massage using special massage brushes and sponges.And of physiotherapy approach iontophoresis.