you need
  • - Rod;
  • - platform height of 15-20 cm;
  • - platform height of 55-60 cm;
  • - Gymnastic bench;
  • - high protein diet.
calves routinely perform a great job of carrying the weight of your entire body.Therefore, in order to increase the volume of the gastrocnemius muscle, perform high intensity work with a large free weights.Do exercises to spawn two or three times a week.Muscles do not grow during exercise, and during the rest between them.The intensity of the load, the greater must be the recovery period.
Stand on a high platform.Legs slightly wider than shoulders, hands free.Slightly bend your k
nees and drop to the floor.Immediately, sharply, without delay, helping himself with his hands, jump out up as high as possible.Try to time your jump to pull your knees to your chest.Such Plyometric load helps enable muscles to work and boost their growth.
Note caviar sprinters and compare them with the same muscle in long-distance runners.The difference is obvious.It is easy to conclude that, for accelerating the development of the calf muscles, you need to carry out cross-country sprint exercises.First of all, this interval running.Alternate jogging at a moderate pace with the sudden acceleration.During acceleration, try to run as fast as his feet.Do not try to make broad steps, the main thing - a sharp jolt that will make wake up your calf muscles.
Put on the shoulders of the post.It should lie comfortably on the deltoid muscle, hold it lightly with his hands.Next, stand on the low platform so that its edge were only the toes and heels hanging freely.Slowly rise on his toes as high as possible, stay at the top in the two accounts.Then scroll down quietly, stretching the calf muscles.Grab the barbell with a weight that you can perform a maximum of 5-8 repetitions.If you can easily perform a large number of lifts, so the weight is not enough.
Take the gymnastic bench or chair so that the angle of the knee was straight.The feet should be firmly on the floor.Put on your thighs any weights.You can put on her lap mate.Lift the leg on your toes and then lower them to a full stop.Do this exercise until the burning sensation in the calf muscles.
Any muscle growth requires a building material for them in sufficient quantities.This means that to increase the amount necessary to attend to your diet easily digestible protein: chicken, fish, cheese.Do not mix low-protein diet with attempts to increase muscle mass.It is absolutely useless.