you need
  • foot cream, shower, swimming pool
Walking in the fresh air, at least 30 minutes every day.Go through one stop on foot, climb the stairs on foot, forget about the elevator.Alternate fast walking and relaxing step.
When cooking in the kitchen, so as not to waste time, get up on his toes and walk on your heels alternately.Keep your back straight and your shoulders deployed.
Perform exercises for the retraction of fat in the legs.
Lie on your back.Lift your legs and bend their knees.Make movements that simulate cycling.Twist imaginary pedal.
supine.Legs straight in knees.Socks drawn.Raise and lower straight legs.
Lie on your back.Leg
s lifted so that the heels do not touch the surface.Spreads her legs to the side and connect crosswise.
Stand beside the chair.Put your hands on the chair back, squat with your back straight.
starting position next to the chair.Straight leg put back in his chair.Do tilt drag arms to toe, knee without bending.
to massage the feet.Lie on your back, place a pillow under your feet, or cushion, so that they climb higher.After 15 minutes, an active pound feet with cream or oil from the ankles to the knees, to stimulate blood circulation.
doing water foot massage.Wave the jet shower from the feet to the hips, making a circular motion.Change the water to cool the hot several times.It strengthens blood vessels, improves the appearance of the legs.