1 Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands on your hips.Stand on your toes, exhale, lower the hips to the floor, pull the coccyx back.On the inhale, return to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 20-25 times.
Stand near a chair, put his hands on the back.On the inhale lift your right foot off the floor and lift it up.Exhale and lower it to the floor, but do not touch the surface.Make another 20 swings right leg, then repeat on the left leg.
Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, hands behind his head rewound.On the inhale lift your hips up, stay in this position for 1 minute.Exhale completely sank to the floor.Repeat 4 more times.
Lie on your right side, of the same name, place a hand behind his head, put his left hand in front of you for balance.As you inhale, lift your left leg up and secure it to the weight for 3 seconds, exhale, lower your leg to the floor without touching the surface.Repeat 15 times more.Roll over on the other side and do the exercise on the right foot.
Lie on your back, legs lift up at right angles, hands along the lower body.Within 3 minutes, do the exercise "scissors": inspiratory legs apart as far as possible, with an exhalation, cross them in the hips.
Stand on his heels, put his hands about a foot.On the exhale, lift your pelvis up completely straighten your knees.On a breath accept the original position.Repeat the exercise 20 - 25 times.
Stand up straight, feet together, place, put his hands on the belt.Exhale lunged forward, crouch as low as possible.On a breath accept the original position.Repeat the lunge with the other leg.Do 20 repetitions on each leg.