to make a brief lesson plan, first think over how many lessons per week you will be able to perform.And how much will last each session.It is possible to provide 2-3 sessions per week for 30-60 minutes, and you can - every day for 20-30 minutes.Less than 2 times a week to engage in no sense - a positive effect will be so low that you can hardly notice it.Daily classes require diversity in the loads on different muscle groups so that one day certain muscles trained, other travelers.The next day, vacationers and involved groups of muscles must change.Or so one day performed aerobic exercise, aimed at the development of endurance and cardiovascular system, and on the other - training of all muscle groups.
If desired, consider changes in the load in a long run.In the first week schedule is not very high load, and with each subsequent week increases the intensity and duration of employment.But not indefinitely.Every month to arrange a vacation - a week training with gentle loads.This will consolidate the results and to create a basis for higher achievements.
Try not to overload the body, even in a single session.Systemic overtraining only harm health.Do not engage in one class to only one group of muscles.During each workout provides several minutes of rest.
Pick complex of several exercises: sit-ups, push-ups, ups the body in ETS.It is desirable to have been harvested 2-3 different complex.This helps to avoid monotony and boredom during training.Many of the popular exercises can be performed in different versions, with different speed performance, with additional weights or without.Commitment to diversity helps to load the maximum amount of work out the muscles and avoid a decrease in the effectiveness of fitness due to the gradual habituation of muscles to exercise.
If you aspire to achieve good results in fitness, themed magazines read, watch TV, visit the site.Seek the advice of professionals and those who are not the first year of training and achieved something.Various information will help you to do the exercises, to plan lessons.And then the same load will bring several times greater effect.
last tip - look for already composed fitness plans.As a rule, they are professionals, take into account all the features and nuances of physical training and are calculated on beginners and advanced athletes.