Tip 1: How to calculate the weight

hard to find in a modern city man who is completely satisfied with their appearance and shape - hundreds and thousands of people are starving, are engaged in the gym, sit on a grueling diet, trying to lose weight.However, efforts are often in vain.After all, no matter how much you tried to lose weight, the weight becomes lower.The reason may be very simple - this weight individually for you is superfluous.
Ready counters that measure the presence or absence of excess body weight, do not always show accurate data.They do not take into account your unique personal settings.Therefore, if you want to determine if you are overweight and measure it, it is best to use a reliable method.
modern specialist among the many ways to measure body mass release method for measuring the value of the intercostal angle that shows the type of your body.Place hands under the lower ribs so that they form a triangle and determine the sharpness of the angle in which they are connected.If this angle is sharp, y
ou figure asthenic type.If the angle of the line, you have an athletic body type.People with dull intercostal angle are endomorph type.
psychotherapist Igor Litvinov created a special table on which we can determine the optimal weight for each type of chest.Find the parameters in the table and compare your existing weight indicated in table.
How to calculate the weight
body mass index - a popular method of determining excess weight, and almost all know the formula.

Record your weight in kilograms and height in meters.Divide the weight by the square of height, and eventually get universal indicator showing normal or abnormal body weight.Other experts in this case disagree on what number is considered normal.Some call - 24.9, while others say that a normal BMI ranges from 20 to 23. The numbers from 24 to 29 - it signals the presence of excess weight, and the index of 30 or higher indicates a serious overweight.
Table Michael E.Debeyki, American heart surgeon, famed for the first heart transplants, based on the principle of matching body weight health of the cardiovascular system of the person.Check out the table and calculate how much weight DeBakey is considered optimal for your height and build.If the weight exceeds this number, your heart threatens to further danger.
no secret that every person has a unique type of metabolism, which also depend on the parameters of rules for its weight.In particular, if you have a slow metabolism, you will approach the calculation of body weight by the method Barbara Edelstein.
calculation is made in two stages.In the first phase count weight that you might have at the rate of metabolism.Calculation formula: to 45 kg, add 1 kg for every centimeter of your height above 150 cm, and add 0.5 kg per year of life over 25 years.This parameter should not exceed 7 kg.

In the second stage the findings are corrected.

• add 4.5 to 7 kg;

• then add 4 to 7 kg (if weight is 90 kg);

• add a few kg (if weight of 100 kg).

As a result, you gain weight, which can be pursued without harm to health.

Tip 2: VAT: how to calculate it quickly

calculation of value added tax is made in accordance with the tax laws of the Russian Federation.In order to be considered VAT, you must first determine the tax rate.

Zero interest will be charged during the implementation:

  1. export products, and products falling under the customs regime of free customs zone, subject to the direction of the tax office documents, in accordance with Article 165 of the Tax Code of Russia.

  2. services or works related to the manufacture and sale of products referred to in the first paragraph.

  3. Services or work related to transportation and transportation of products.

  4. services for the transportation of passengers and baggage, if the destination or origin are outside of the Russian Federation.

  5. products used in space.

  6. Precious metals, if their production is produced from waste and scrap metal, which contained precious metals.

  7. products, works or services provided to foreign diplomats and their family members.

Ten percent will be charged during the implementation:

  1. Products for food according to the list of claims.1 pt. 2 of Art.164 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.

  2. children's products on the established list.

  3. periodicals other than advertising and erotic publications.

  4. Medication Russian and foreign production on the established list.

types of products listed in that paragraph, according to the National Classification of goods as well as the nomenclature of goods of foreign economic activity, established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

consider the VAT tax rate of eighteen percent should be in cases not listed in the first, second and fourth paragraphs of the Tax Code of Russia.

calculation of the tax rate is made as a percentage of the rate established by the Tax Code, the tax base, taken a hundred and an increase of the tax rate 164 article of the Tax Code:

  1. receive cash flows from the payment services, goods and worksestablished by the Tax Code.

  2. payment or partial payment of product delivery, transfer of property rights, established by the Tax Code.

  3. Tax withholding tax agents in accordance with article 161 of the Tax Code, in the course of the sale of property, purchased on the side and charged to tax in accordance with article 154 of the Tax Code.

  4. During the sale of agricultural products in accordance with Article 154 of the Tax Code.

  5. During car sales according to article 154 of the Tax Code.

Before strive to get rid of fat, do not forget that for the female body requires a minimum of 18% body fat, and a maximum of 25%.For the male body, this parameter lower - 12 to 18%.It is believed that the best weight supporting women's health, is 22% fat.
Helpful Hint
After identifying the result, you can arrive at a solution of their problems with excess weight - body weight may not exceed the norm, but this rate may exceed the amount of body fat.Coping with such a situation nutritionists recommend using sport and proper nutrition that promotes muscle mass and burn fat.Eat so that your diet was low in fat and lots of carbohydrates and proteins.