you need
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - bench or chair;
  • - towel.
Stand under high horizontal bar.Grasp the bar right grip.The wider the grip, the greater the load on the back muscles.Push your back and pinch the blade.Slightly arch your lower back.Tighten the body to the bar, trying to touch her chin.To move was right, pull the bar to the chin, try to pull your elbows to the body.This exercise is working fine muscles of the back and shoulders.
Grasp the bar narrow reverse grip.Perform pull-ups.Try not to rock the body, the movement should be strictly vertical.Grasp the bar so you're working except for the back muscles and biceps more.
Please stop lying position.Hands shoulder width apart, body and legs extended i
n a straight line.If you are allowing physical training, place your feet on the edge of a bench or chair.This will make the exercise more difficult.To the chest muscles significantly increased in size, perform plyometric push-ups, such as push-ups or push-ups with cotton offset body.
Take the emphasis lying.Slowly lower your body by bending your elbows until the chest touches the floor, then push the body up and jump, move your hands so that the body moved to the side, and his feet were on the ground.Once again, do push-ups and then jump back to the previous position.The combination of slow and explosive loads leads to a significant muscle growth, this is difficult to achieve even in the most advanced simulators.
performs a reverse push-ups to work out your triceps.Take the emphasis on his outstretched hands on the edge of a stable bench.Legs stretched out in front of you and rest on the floor with his heels.The body is straight.Slowly bend your arms at the elbows and lower your body until between the buttocks and the floor there will be 2-3 cm. Straighten your arms and return to the original position.To complicate the exercise and increase the load on the triceps, place your feet on any elevation.For example, try to perform reverse push-ups between the two benches.
to work out the abdominal muscles and the bark, do not need weights.These muscle groups are stabilizers and muscles respond best to a moderate load on the average rate.The best exercises are the usual twist and leg lifts in a vise.
Grasp the bar straight shoulder-width grip.Lift straight legs as high as possible.While lifting the legs Do not swing, do not swing legs to facilitate the implementation by inertia.If done correctly, the housing boom is to remain stationary, otherwise the muscles of the crust will not be involved.
Replace deadlifts with a barbell rod King.Stand up straight and slightly arch your lower back.Move the weight on the foot being worked.Bend the knee of the free leg at least to a right angle, and pull back.Foot support legs turn slightly inward to better maintain balance.Arms hanging freely down.Slightly bend your supporting leg at the knee to stretch the buttocks.Slowly lean forward to brush were below the knees, and then bend your supporting leg at the knee until you touch the floor.Do not lean on the floor, you only need to fix the touch.Straightening, follow movements in the reverse order: first straighten your knee, then lift the body.Repeat.
Perform lunges back with a towel to use quads.Stand facing any support.Loop the towel through it.The towel should be stretched, and arms are fully extended.Slightly bend one leg and the second tear off the floor.This starting position.Bend the supporting leg and removal of the pelvis back.Get down, until the free leg knee touch the floor.After touching back to its original position.
Replace squats squat on one leg.Stand on the edge of the bench with one leg, the other hanging freely.Keep your lower back straight, not rounded up.Squat on one leg, free leg brought forward line.Hands pull the front of the chest, they help to maintain a balance.Lower the hips, as if trying to sit on a chair, the heel of the skating foot does not come off the bench.Knee support leg is not completely straighten, it should slightly energizing.Ideal for 1 to carry out an approach 50-70 squats on each leg.