The first exercise is called a side lunge.Stand with your feet set up the much wider than shoulder width apart.Then, grab a kettlebell.One hand let loose hanging in front of the torso, and the other behind.Trying to fully straighten his left leg, slowly bend your right knee and lower yourself until your right thigh is almost not be parallel to the floor.Then slowly lift and repeat the exercise, but this time with his left foot.
Next - poluprisedanie with tilting body back.Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart arrange.Grasp one hand on a fixed support and go on tiptoe.Simultaneously, slowly tilt
the body back, bend your knees and hold down the trunk.As the lowering push your knees forward.Lower yourself until the body will not be nearly parallel to the floor.Then straighten up and stand up to the starting position.
another exercise, it is necessary to lift the legs alternately using a sitting position.Take sitting posture, lean back 30 degrees, use hands for support.Bend the left knee so that the feet rest against the floor.Raise your right leg up as high as possible.Now tighten your thigh muscles.Then go back to its original position.Repeat with the left leg already.
Another exercise to remove in excess hips.It consists of inner thigh workout in the supine position.It is convenient to lie on your right side.The left leg is directly over the right, then bend the knee at 90 degrees.Left foot firmly set on the floor without bending his right leg, slowly raise it as high as you can.Tighten your inner thigh and back to the starting position.Repeat the exercise several times, turn over and do the exercise with the other leg.
last exercise is the reduction of leg extensions, using the sitting position.Sit on the floor, slightly tilt the body back, then rest against the floor with his hands.Bend your left leg and foot Abut firmly on the floor.Move the right foot to the right as far as you can.Without bending your right leg and lift it approaches the left knee.Tighten your inner thigh and slow movement back to the starting position.Do exercise a few times, start the same with the other leg.