To gain muscle mass , limit the intake of simple carbohydrates - pasta, bread, potatoes, sweets and increase the intake of protein and fiber.Best of all, if it's poultry, beef, lamb and starchy vegetables - squash, cucumbers, tomatoes.Fruit - also a source of vitamins and minerals.But eating them in large quantities is not necessary.One orange or an apple a day is enough.At low calorie fruits and berries contain too many carbohydrates and when to use them throughout the day, can cause an increase in body fat.
Strength training provides muscle growth.But it is necessary to engage properly, increasing the load gradually.To biceps, triceps, etc., are constantly growing, employment should be regular.It is advisable in a day, the
n the effect will be maximal.Starting with the training required to cardio exercise - treadmill, stationary bike or aerobics.Then move on to strength training equipment, working on each muscle group.Please note that if you are overweight, you first need to get rid of body fat using cardio load.And only then proceed to build muscle mass.
During exercise drink water in small sips often.The liquid removes from the body harmful lactic acid, which is formed after the occupation force.Just a day you need to drink two or more liters of liquid.This will speed up your metabolism, body fat will break down and the muscles - to grow.
best to trust your body experienced trainers and exercise at the fitness club.But if this is not possible, we can do it at home.Courses exercise on discs sold in sports shops.It is also easy to find classes on the Internet, for example on the site will only need to buy dumbbells and weights, or even use the means at hand.For example, the first stage of training when too much weight should not be lifted, arms and shoulders can swing with heavy books.