you need
  • boom, platform shoes with hard soles, fixing belt, an experienced friend.
Before you perform this exercise, go instruction from a trainer or a more experienced athlete.Risk of injury if improperly performed squats great.You can break a hand, pinch the spine, or get another injury that will take you out for a long time.Walk very carefully the theoretical training.Just before performing the exercises perform warm-up, prepare the legs and back to work.
If you have no experience squats, start to hone technique with wooden poles, which mimics the shape of a vulture on his rod.After'll squat more confidently without disturbing the technology, go to squats with Olympic stamp (20 kg).Re
alizing the right technique of sit-ups in one or two workouts, gradually increase the weight of the projectile.A healthy man must overcome squat barbell weight equal to its own.
Start with a light weight training.Take a barbell weighing 50% of your maximum.Do 8 repetitions to start.Gradually increase the weight and decrease the number of repetitions.If, having mastered the right technique, you can not sit down with the weight comparable to your own weight, exercise temporarily set aside and engage general physical training - running, swimming, jumping from a low squat.
gradually improving results.At first, the growth of your power performance is impressive.The muscles involved in squatting, have great potential.For 1-2 years, depending on the selected program and the availability of an experienced coach, you can double the weight of the barbell squat.If we continue to engage effectively with the clear goal, squats 200 kg will not be for you something supernatural.In addition to proper equipment, pay attention to the recovery of the body, food for special treatment and many other details that will help you become a high-level athlete.
regularly perform sit-ups not only allow you to gain muscle mass and get stronger, but in general to strengthen the entire body, allowing you to avoid problems with the old spine and joints.If your goal is to maintain health rather than athletic performance, do not overdo the exercises with a very large weight.With many years of very hard training can achieve a negative effect to the body.