Make sure that the work break is suitable for training in the afternoon.It is important that it is at least an hour, and at the same time you had the opportunity to have dinner after a full session.Well, if you have to break for 12 or 13 hours of the day, as it is considered the best time for training, otherwise try to negotiate with the authorities about his transference.
Select a location for training.It is important that it is not too far from the office desktop, as every minute break.Note gyms located nearby, outdoor sports grounds, or even free space in the office building, which can be filled with sports equipment.If you prefer to train in the afternoon, several employees can turn to
the authorities with a collective statement organize a mini-gym.
30 minutes before the break at work and start your workout take protein-carbohydrate whey shake with 15-30 grams of pure protein.It can easily be prepared in the office environment, it is only important not to forget to bring their own dry in training days and to have on hand a shaker or blender.
Spend a quick but intense workout lasting 30-40 minutes.You have to train during the day so that one of the lessons you have studied no more than 2-3 muscle groups.To be effective workout, they should be at least 3-4 times per week.Immediately after classes you should stay time for taking a shower and dinner, which also need to make proteins and carbohydrates.To save some time, while preserving the effect of exercise, take a small portion of food before the end of the break, and after 60 minutes, drink a protein-carbohydrate drink.By doing it right, you will be able to train during the day without any problems.