In the event that you can not engage in special simulators, practice at home.So exercise is the number one: hook the hands behind the head, take a lying position, bend your legs at the knees.Raise your upper body so that every time your elbows reach to the knees.In the early stages will be sufficient to carry out 10-15 exercises can be gradually increased to 30, 40, 50 and so on.The main thing is do not take on too heavy load, otherwise the whole relief press you get at least a crick.In addition, a regular workout: perform a little better every day, than once a week to perform, say, just 60 exercises.Over time, you can also speed up the pace of your workouts (ie try every approach to do in one minute
Exercise Two: lie down on the floor and slowly lift your legs up to vertical position.With this technique, you can not strengthen the upper and lower press.However, it is much more difficult to swing, as originally trained muscles in this area are almost absent.By the way, when you lower the leg to the starting position, do it slowly, in any case not dramatically.Exercise repeat 8-10 to start again.During one session is quite possible to perform 2-3 sets.
Now again take a lying position.Hands behind your head locked in the castle, bend both knees and lift the back, that is, try to get his elbows to the knees (you can touch the right elbow of the left knee and vice versa).It will develop and side abdominal muscles, but the main burden still have the upper and middle muscles.Exercise perform 10 times.
Do not forget about the obliques.For them there is a special exercise: Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, keep your feet together.Further tilt foot to the side (as close as possible to press them into semi) keep his hands behind head and comes off the back of the floor as high as possible (which, unlike the legs must not deviate sideways).Make sure that the load falls on the press, not the muscles of the neck.