you need
  • - changes in diet;
  • - a program for training;
  • - a form of training;
  • - subscription for fitness.
Find out what your height, age, weight, physical activity, eating habits, psychological stability, etc.Knowing these parameters, you can simply write a weight loss program.
Pay close attention to your daily diet.It is believed that sgonki weight you need to eat less.And it is true.But do not forget about the nutrients that you need to get in plenty.It is better to eat 5 times a day in small portions.
Eliminate from your diet confectionery, bakery and other products in which too many carbohydrates and sugar harmful.Eat more cooked, not fry food in sunflower oil.Enter in your diet
for more fresh fruits, vegetables and salads, fish and a variety of dried fruits.Try everything is fresh from his garden or market.The less food is prepared, so it is useful.
Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.1.5-2 liters should be the norm for you.It will help you cleanse the body of toxins and thereby lose muscle mass.
Engage cyclic sports, namely morning jogging (20 minutes), skiing, cycling or exercise bike, swimming, etc.Do exercises outdoors.This will help to dry your body.
Sign up for a fitness or aerobics (for girls and women).It is ideal for getting rid of extra muscles and strengthen the entire body and tone.Men are recommended to enroll in a gym in addition to all the above recommendations and to do about 5-6 exercises per workout.This should carry no more than 4-5 sets each.This will give your body a relief, fry and removes excess muscle.