you need
  • - barbell or dumbbell with a thick neck;
  • - a small solid rubber ball;
  • - gymnastic mat.
Take a barbell with a thick neck.Stand up straight so that the lower leg is almost touch the neck.Grasp the top of the neck grip.Straightened up slowly, raising the bar on straight arms.When lifting the hips slightly leaned forward.Then slowly lower shell on the floor.Perform 3-5 repetitions with the highest weight.
Perform deadlift the bar with a thick neck with one hand.Use the upper grip.Do 3-5 repetitions with a maximum weight and change the hand.
Stand up straight.In the hands grab the barbell or dumbbell with a thick neck.Hands with shell hanging freely along the body.Palms facing outward.Rapid runs, using the force of inertia, drop your shoulders to the shell.Fix the position of one - two seconds.Slowly lower the barbell down, straightening your elbows.Negative ups loaded biceps and forearm muscles are much stronger.
Take a barbell with a thick neck top grip.Stand up straight, arms down, back straight, look ahead.Hold the weight as long as enough strength in the hands.This exercise must be on hold for the development of the muscles of the wrist and hand.The harder it will be your fist, the sharper will be hit.
Take a small rubber ball.With the power, dramatically compresses it.Try to crush the ball in his hands.Work alternately with both hands.Do this exercise every day, every waking moment.
Hang on a horizontal bar with a thick bar.This is useful as a top football goal post.Slightly bend your legs and crossed them at the ankles.The exercise is performed at the time of retention.Try each workout to increase the time you can hung for at the bar.
Accept position "emphasis lying with their fists."Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body down.When the breasts?touches the floor, push yourself up sharply, so that the time to clap your hands.Land on your hands slightly bent, to avoid damage to the elbow.Pressing on the gymnastic mat, so as not to injure the knuckles during the landing on his fists.