Drying the body as the term is most often used among bodybuilders.Usually, the body is dried before the competition, to remove excess fat.This allows the muscles to show in all its glory.Sometimes the body is dried girls to look better.Excess fat is removed is much simpler diet than most heavy exercise.Every professional bodybuilder is familiar with diets in practice.

What is drying body

When you exercise, power or aerobic exercise, the body's metabolism is enhanced.This leads to muscle building and fat.Unfortunately, it is impossible to grow muscles and get rid of fat at the same time without having to diet.

drying body is designed to highlight the beautiful muscles.If they hide behind a layer of fat, it does not look as impressive as we would like.That is, the drying of the body - it is

getting rid of body fat to give a beautiful, almost perfect view.

For people far from the sport, drying the body is perceived as getting rid of excess water in the body.In practice, fats are removed with an increase in lean body mass.Some professional bodybuilders manage to lose a couple of months up to 30 kg total weight, while maintaining the beauty and muscle size.

harmful to the drying of the body?

products that are suitable for drying the body are substantially free of carbohydrates and fats.Diet for drying called ketone or carbohydrate-free.For the health of it is unsafe.If you take the wrong process, can greatly harm the body.

In ancient times, some convicts were fed exclusively on meat.A few weeks later it led to death because the body is not getting the necessary fats and carbohydrates.

On the day of the competition the athlete amount of body fat is 7-13%.This is very little more than a week in such a state to live dangerously.Before reaching the ideal drying in several stages.

drying step body

first stage of drying is a low-carb diet.It used about 60% of protein, fat, not more than 20%.The rest is carbohydrate.The period lasts from one month to six weeks.

second stage of drying is called carbohydrate-free diet.Protein is used to 80%, the rest is given to fats.

third stage of drying - carbohydrate-free diet, as well as "draining".A minimum of fat and carbohydrates.Almost all the food - protein.The water is used only distilled.You should not try to hold on to this stage, more than a week.

fourth stage of drying - "carbo-loading".It starts carbohydrate intake, which for three days can help build muscle to a decent volume.The athlete is ready to compete.