you need
  • - Your picture in a bathing suit;
  • - information on the programs in the health club;
  • - consultation with a fitness instructor;
  • - training diary
First of all, identify its weaknesses: what annoys you in your own figure, and what you would like to get rid of.Ask your friend to take a picture in a bathing suit and ruthlessly decide what your figure should be changed.
Consider your character and physical fitness when choosing classes.Can you deal with yourself or you need a group lesson?Are you able to focus on the job, o
r do you like to work as effortlessly?It depends on your choice of a gym or power aerobics, yoga and Pilates or latin dance and strip.
Identify your resources.How much are you willing to spend on fitness?How many hours per week you can devote to training?On this basis, form a strategy of struggle for the perfect figure.If a lot of time and money, exercise daily, alternating between strength training with aerobic.
At shortage of a resource, try to workout includes exercises for all muscle groups.If you have excess weight in the first stage, prefer cardio, for example, two cardio and strength training in one week.When the layer of fat becomes much smaller, it is possible to shorten the duration of aerobic exercises and begin to correct specific deficiencies.For example, most of the work done on the press, or to swing back, get rid of the stoop.
Note that most dance programs and oriental primarily aimed at the general strengthening of the body.Specific individual problems it is necessary to study further in the gym.To get rid of the postpartum belly, enough three times a week for five minutes to download news on the group sessions.You will need daily exercise for 15-20 minutes, aimed at elaboration of the press only.It does not reject the group lessons - general strengthening of the body as needed.
If you want to drive away the extra weight, prefer dance classes and aerobic exercise, such as running.In order to tighten and strengthen the muscles, Pilates is well suited and various martial arts.If you have problems with the spine and joints, ideal - yoga.And to pump up muscles, can not do without work in the gym with a large enough weight.Continuous operation with low weight, on the contrary, usushit your muscles, making them less bulky.
choose the type of fitness that is most relevant to you, make a per-minute lesson plan.In the group sessions the instructor thought of everything for you.But if you do by yourself, please note some of the rules.
Begin workout with a warm-up for 5-10 minutes (jogging, elliptical, jumping rope).
Fasten the power unit start with the study of problem areas.At the end of the class you may not have enough energy to perform the necessary exercise in full.
At the end of classes required to perform the exercises for other muscle groups.If you are purposefully working on the press in the second half of the workout do exercises for the legs and back.
Take the total number of approaches for training no more than 25 in each set of 8-10 repetitions.The greater the weight, the lower the number of repetitions you do.
At the end of training spend 5 minutes to do stretching exercises.This will increase the overall effect of the training.
Start training diary.In his record, what kind of exercise you perform, with what weight you worked and how much correspondence.Once a week, measure your waist, hips, weight, and other parameters that you choose.So you can control whether the benefit received by the load and give you exercise the desired effect.
Change training program every two months.During this time, the muscles time to adjust to the resulting load, and their reaction is reduced.