you need
  • - Rod
  • - dumbbells
  • - bars
Stand up straight, feet slightly narrower shoulders.Pick up a post so that the hand on the neck were wide apart.Straighten your back, shoulder blades are brought together, chin lift up.Feel mild tension in the muscles.Lift the shoulders, holding the barbell in the hands.Try to stretch them as if your ears.Fix in the upper position.Then slowly return to starting position.Remember - jerk up, slow - down.Perform each exercise no more than ten times.
Take dumbbells, choose for yourself your ideal weight and do exactly the same exercises as the pole.The variant with dumbbells is recommended that immediately after the bar.With these Schrage, you're good to bleed the upper part of th
e trapezius muscle.
Set bench tilted about 30 °, but not more.Lie face down.Hands down to the floor.In each hand take a dumbbell.Raise their elbows up, bending your arms, keeping the blade.Do twelve times in one approach.This exercise circulates the middle part of the trapezoid.
Develop cuculla through exercises on the uneven bars.The bulk of these muscles is necessary on the bottom.Therefore, thoroughly worked down, you ensure that all the back muscles in the upper part will be developed proportionally.Starting position - on the uneven bars, arms extended.Trying not to bend the elbows, pull the body to the floor, as if raising his shoulders.Back when it should be smooth, keep it upright.Make sure that during exercise the shoulders maximum rises.Return to the starting position.Repeat ten times.
Remember the basic rules of the trapezius muscle in training: pick a shell - inhale, lower - exhale.You can not hold your breath.Keep the shoulders vertically up or pull them forward.Always try to keep your head straight, chin raised.
Monitor weight shells.When heavyweight normally impossible to work out the muscles in sufficient amplitude.It is better to do a few approaches.Do not bend your elbows vertical exercises.So you start to load the biceps and limit the stress on the trapezius muscle .