you need
  • - vertical support;
  • - light dumbbells;
  • - Rod;
  • - Gymnastic bench
Follow Rader thrust to increase the volume of the chest.Face the vertical support at arm's length.Arrange the legs shoulder-width apart.Hold hands for support just above your head.Take a deep breath and pull the arms and down while holding the support.At the moment of breath and tighten your chest muscles of the neck.Keep your abdominal muscles stay relaxed.Hold the load for 4-6 seconds, then relax.Signs of good-exe
rcise will be a temporary feeling of discomfort in the chest and shortness of breath.
gymnastic Lie on the bench, bend your legs at the knees and place on the bench.Lift not heavy dumbbell at arm's length above the chest.Inhale and slowly lower the load on the straight hands behind his head.Do not lower burdening too low.At the lowest point make one additional breath and straighten the chest as possible.Slowly return to starting position.Next make repeated after a pause.Do not perform breathing pullover with a large weight, the main thing in this exercise - technique.
Set the bar weight with which you can sit down 15-17 times.Now stand and squat under the bar.After each squat do 3-5 deep breaths.Breathe deeply, trying to broaden the chest to the maximum.Most likely, you will easily do 12-14 squats, and then work will be difficult.But you need to do 20 sit-ups.Make sure the heel is not fixed on the floor.Each week, increase the weight on the bar 2.5 - 10 kg, depending on your level of preparation.
coming close to the bar, lying on the floor.Shins must touch the neck.Taps pelvis back, sit down and lean.Grasp the neck straight grip.Straighten legs, straightening the body and feeding the pelvis forward.Tear off the bar from the floor and stood up.Then replace the barbell on the floor and take 3-5 deep breaths.Repeat.Do breaths after each repetition.Do 20 reps, which normally you lift 16-17 times.