Regardless of the goal, the first 1 - 2 months, plan three workouts per week for 1 - 1.5 hours.

One of the most common mistakes - excessive enthusiasm during the first workout.The man starts to do a variety of exercises on various simulators, while trying not to miss anything, and as a result, gets overtraining and fatigue, which leads to the abandonment of further training.Take your time and do not exercise on the principle: the more, the better.

training should comprise three parts: warm-up, main part and relaxation exercises.Warm-up is needed in order to activate the work of the various systems of the body, as well as to warm up the muscles, is loaded into the main part of the workout.Often because ignoring problems occur workout for beginners (injuries, d
iscomfort, etc.).Warm-up should last 10 - 15 minutes.

main part of the training is intended to exercise certain muscle groups.Number of exercise sets and repetitions depends on individual goals.

third part of the training aims to normalize breathing and blood circulation.You can make a few deep breaths, perform stretching exercises spine, hung on the crossbar.

in the gym, you can see two types of fitness equipment: weight training and cardiovascular equipment.Cardiovascular equipment (exercise bike, treadmill, rowing machine) make the overall load on the body.In the process of training them worked large muscle groups, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.They are ideal for those who decided to lose weight.In addition, cardiovascular equipment used for warm-up.

Power trainers are to work out the muscles through a variety of weights.The most common strength training equipment include barbells and dumbbells.Before you start training you need to make a week's training plan.Decide - on what day of the week you will train the specific muscle groups.

for each muscle group to better plan for the first two - three exercises.For example, leg suit squats on his shoulders.The pectoral muscle training with the help of press rods lying on the horizontal bar.Make sure that you have some hedging.