you need
  • wallpaper or paint the walls bright colors, light touch furniture and curtains slightly darker color of the walls, various screens and partitions.
When making a narrow room discard the dark shades.Light wallpaper, furniture and floors visually expand the space.There is an interesting design method - end walls paste over wallpaper or paint in a brighter color than the longitudinal and the shape of the room will seem more square.If the end wall is a window, use curtains or blinds bright, contrasting colors.
When making narrow rooms dispose of numerous small interior items, leave a few large, such as floor lamps and outdoor plants.
furniture such narrow rooms Pick up the most necessary and functional.The color of the furniture should be a little darker than the walls, but in the same range.Then it will not be evident, will create the impression of an integral light prostranstva.Prismotrites open to the pieces of furniture - transformer, such as a closet, a desk or a sofa bed.The coffee table is better to buy a glass.The main arrange the furniture at front room if furniture place along the longitudinal walls, narrow room transformed into koridor.Na long wall hang a large mirror, it will add the width of the room.Well, if it will affect the picture or rastenie.Esli possible, one of the end walls take away completely under the wardrobe.
Another effective method - the zoning is a narrow room.Use screens, podiums, shelves.Even the desk, put across the room to the long side wall, visually divide the room into an office and sitting area.Open racks do not interfere with the passage of light and, at the same time organize a private area with a bed.Podium in the back of the room or sitting area zoned workplace and creates additional storage space.