you need
  • - acorn
  • - deep pot
  • - forest soil
Oak marketing can collect acorns in the fall or spring.Both seasons are good in this regard in its own way.In the fall under any oak acorns as you will find that one can grow an entire grove.However, not all of them are of good quality, germination they may even be below 10%.Overwintered as acorns, especially those that hatch after the snow sprouts, sprout with a probability of 80-90%, but finding them is not so easy.Most of them will die in the snow, or will be eaten by rodents.
But if you have found an acorn hatche
d, you're in luck.Type in a deep bucket forest soil, mixed with the remnants of last year's leaves, acorn lay flat on the ground, lightly sprinkle it abundantly pour and be patient. Oak always develops a root system first, and only then releases the outer germ.Waiting may take up to 1.5-2 months.Do not dig up the ground to see what's going on with acorns.To worry less, plant acorn 3-4.One of them is sure to rise.
Avoid dry soil, but do not fill the germs to prevent them from rotting.Keep oak house can be up to two years, after which it should be transplanted to a permanent place.Do not worry if after planting a seedling defoliation.The young tree has yet to adapt to the natural climate.But oaks are hardy and pretty soon they will be a new krone.
If you want to make change less painful, can leave for another year tree in a pot, but at the same time bring it out to Oak had hardened.