you need
  • - furniture hallway (hanger, wardrobe, mirror, stool and table);
  • - kitchen furniture (working table, cupboards and food, stove, refrigerator, table for meals);
  • - furniture for living room (wardrobe, folding bed, table, upholstered chairs, a table for TV);
  • - detailed plan of the apartment with a marking on the scale.
Draw a detailed plan of the apartment on the scale.To do this, measure all the accommodations - the room, the kitchen and the hallway.Try to plan the placement of furniture drawing.To do this you need to know its dimensions - width and length.Make a few options.Consideration should be given at this stage all the details - ergonomics, appropriateness, design solution.
2 First decorate the room, as you live in it.Here you'll not only sleep and w
ork and receive visitors.The cabinet should always be with lots of shelves and compartments so you can store books, and clothes.Remarkably fit folding bed.It will save space.In the evening, it is decomposed, and in the morning to clean up, and the room converted from the bedroom to the living room.A couple of soft chairs also not hurt.Near the window is better to arrange a work desk and TV.
then be engaged in arrangement of furniture in the kitchen.The studio apartment, it will serve both for cooking and for its reception, so it should be enough space.Usually plan kitchen starts with the choice of location for the refrigerator.You can put either at the door or by the window, so that it does not interfere with the movement.Next you need to determine the workspace - tables for products, cupboards and a gas or electric stove.This usually constitute all in one row along one wall.Refrigerator is in front or the workplace, or a series of continuing along another wall.The dining table is best not to put in the middle of the kitchen - this can afford only the owners of a spacious kitchen.Money had nothing to interfere with the free movement of the gas stove to the refrigerator, from the refrigerator to the table.
Pay particular attention to the hallway.Right from the street, you and your guests will enter it here.Therefore hall - is the "face" of your apartment.If you're used to a lot of little things, it is best to choose a wardrobe with a lot of built-in shelves and compartments that can be positioned not only clothes and shoes, but also, for example, cleaning products, gloves.I am sure there must be a mirror where you can arrange the makeup, comb.Near the front door to be a coat rack, a stool to take off your shoes, and a small table for the keys.