you need
  • - talc;
  • - gasoline;
  • - coarse salt or clean river sand;
  • - ammonia.
Display with suede grease stain possible with a conventional talc, which is used in baby powder.It can be purchased at the pharmacy.Talc thickly sprinkled greasy spot and leave the thing in this way for 2-3 hours.During this time, talc should absorb all the fat from a product, then it is removed with a brush for suede products.
If talc is not helped remove grease stain, try to bring them up with petrol.A piece of tissue is necessary to moisten unleaded petrol (eg lighter) and wipe the polluted places on suede product.
Remove grease stains from suede can also be coarse salt or clean river sand.For this salt or sand is placed
in a cotton or linen bag, heat is applied to it and grease stains.If there is a bag, you can use a tissue or handkerchief made of cotton or linen.Fabric have to be genuine, it is good to absorb fat.
Cleaning will be more effective if it is possible to enclose the contaminated area under the suede cloth dampened with pure gasoline.
villi, trampled in the process of cleaning, can be raised with a special brush for suede or the dried crust of bread.To refresh suede and raise the nap can also hold the product over the steam.
other stains from suede items can be deleted as follows - in soapy water to add a little ammonia, beaten foam, the foam take the brush and brush her suede.
for cleaning products from brown suede you can use coffee grounds.It is applied to the product, allow to dry and then clean with a dry brush.
In addition to these methods, you can remove fatty stains and other products made from suede and nubuck, using specifically designed for these materials stain removers.
suede shoes and other products with time-band, getting a slovenly appearance.To clear zalosnivshiesya areas, their first rubbed with fine sandpaper or an ink eraser, and then clean the hard rubber brush.You can also wipe a portion of suede cloth dampened with smelling salts, and then brush very fine sandpaper.