you need
  • - vinegar,
  • - salt
Find out how hard the water is in your area.If you are sure that the problem is the rigidity of towels in this - add rinse the vinegar into the water: 10 liters of water is usually added to ½ cup of vinegar.
Add rinse terry towels and other things in the water ordinary table salt.Towel Shake well before hang drying.Some add salt directly into the washing machine, in the section for the air conditioner.
not desiccate towels and start their iron slightly damp.And you need to iron things iron, heated to a high temperature, con
tinuously adding steam.
If your local water and soft towels not so dirty to use washing powder, wash their usual soap and rinse thoroughly in water.The natural softness of the water directly affect the quality of washed terry products.
Our ancestors wash clothes in tap water, and if suddenly you ever will be able to wash and rinse the laundry in the key or river water, check it out on their own experience: terry items which have been washed in the river orLake and dried in the sun, without any additional effort on your part will be amazing soft, fragrant and fluffy.
Wash terry towels in the machine with special balls: they whipped towels during the spin cycle, and things get very fluffy.Buy a special magnetic beads - the effect will be even better.But if you do not have such an opportunity - try to use regular tennis balls.
From household chemicals is preferable to use for rinsing children's air conditioner, "Lenore."Using this tool, you do not even have to stroke towels : after a good spin they will be soft and fluffy.