To remove the PVA glue, use warm water with soap.Wipe the stain with a cotton swab of glue cologne, vinegar or vodka and soak the clothes for two hours in soapy water.Then thoroughly wash stain and rinse.
To remove stains from silicate glue can be used soapy water and dissolve it in a tablespoon of baking soda.The clothes need to soak, wash.If not remove the stain completely, then repeat the procedure.
If you accidentally spilled on clothing super-point, then remove from the clothes you can swab dipped in acetone.This method is not suitable for fabrics of wool, silk and acetate fibers.These fabrics can be diluted packet of citric acid or a tablespoon of vinegar to 200
grams.water and wipe with a cloth moistened swab.This should be done several times, that does not guarantee that the glue comes off with a tissue.
Stains from a glue point, you can try to remove with acetone or solvent used to dilute the paint.
spot obtained from the paper glue can simply be washed in cold water with a powder corresponding to the type of fabric.If stain remains, repeat the procedure.
To remove clothes casein glue moisten glycerol stain, leave for two hours, wipe ammonia and thoroughly wash the clothes.It is also possible to use adhesive with the removal of a swab soaked in gasoline.
wood glue stains removed by soaking a cloth in warm soapy water for a few hours.
rubber adhesive can be removed from clothing swab dipped in gasoline.If at first stain is not removed, repeat the procedure.
cellulose glue stains removed with acetone or gasoline.
There are special stain removers glue, which can be bought in the department of household chemicals.