Tip 1: How to sew curtains tulle

today in stores such a wide range of different fabrics and decorative elements that the design of the window opening in the house, you can give full play to their imagination and needlework skills.Many modern company take care of all the work to create fabric interior - from the necessary measurements to sew curtains and fixing them to the eaves.However, sew curtains of tulle (functional and extremely decorative material) for many people with their hands - not only an urgent need, but also a real pleasure.
you need
  • - Parting tulle;
  • - scissors, centimeter pencil and paper patterns;
  • - sewing machine and thread;
  • - webbing with loops for attaching to the eaves or fabric for sewing cloth loops;
  • - fittings and fabric treatment of your choice (curtain lace, fringe, lace, etc.);
  • - iron and gauze.
Prepare selected otrez tulle to the pattern.It is necessary to moisten the cloth with water, then shake it and dry it in the expanded state.If rumpled canvas, it can be ironed or to steam t
hrough a moistened gauze is not very hot iron.When working with a new dry cloth can be faced with unpleasant surprises, as some tulle shrink after washing.
Make the necessary calculations.The length and width of the future net curtains should be adjusted individually.If the kitchen is usually sufficient curtains simple design just below the sill, then the rooms are increasingly choosing more sophisticated draping.Creating a beautiful neat folds is possible only if the length of tulle almost to the floor;in width it is recommended to take otrez tulle, at least 2 times higher eaves.In the traditional combination of a thin transparent curtain with blackout curtains, you can limit the length of tulle: 1.5 m more than the eaves.To the obtained pattern size not forget to add allowances side seams (2-2.5 cm) and also for the top and bottom hem (4 cm).
Follow the pattern of tulle on the floor, putting down the canvas backing.Pay particular attention: between the side edge and bottom line cutting you should have even a right angle.If you decide to make the lace curtains of the two parts, with the second part of the pattern carefully calibrated to match the pattern of tissue.
job for edges.First, follow the side seams, neatly tucking the edges based allowance left.To make a smooth and noticeable fold, with an effort go over it with a fingernail (but not tear the fragile tulle!), And then baste otutyuzhte manually.Stitch side seams on the sewing machine.The lower and upper hem recommended 1.5-2 times the thickness of the side - on top of this will help you to carefully sew tape for fixing tulle curtains to the eaves;below the seam will act as a weighting agent for a beautiful drape.
Arrange curtains of tulle on the taste.Down you can sew right fringe;thick tape 10-15 cm;elegant lace (in the same style with tulle base or interesting contrast with him).To fix the curtains of delicate, weightless material is recommended to use such methods:

• if you have a ledge with hooks or clothespins, then to the top tulle hem sew a special braid with eyelets from the Department of sewing accessories.The upper edge of the curtains may be pretreated with a transparent curtain tape - in the future it will help you to make the required number of assemblies.

• For round eaves suitable fabric loop (10 cm on the right and wrong sides plus an allowance depending on the width of the cornice).It is recommended to sew them in the same tone tulle, but more dense fabric.Make a loop can be solid on or buttoned just tie their beautiful bows.

Tip 2: How to sew curtains for the bedroom Curtains

play a significant role in the overall appearance of the room.And with their help, putting the finishing touches that emphasize style.Especially important it is for bedrooms , where you want to relax, retire and just feel surrounded by comfort.
How to sew curtains for the bedroom
color curtains picked up after the room was decorated, ascurtains maintain the overall tone of the room.The color of the curtains should be in harmony as much as possible with the rest of the details of the design space (bedspread, lampshade, carpet).The ability to skip or curtains not transmitting light plays a good location lacks windows.Thus the use of color and density of the fabric can achieve maximum dimming or brightening the room.
scalloping and sewing curtains: First, calculate flow fabric, not to buy extra meters.If you want to make a beautiful version of curtains with lambrequins, you first need to measure the width of the cornice, to determine in advance the length of pelmet and the number of folds (to simplify the use prisborivaniya Curtain tape).To achieve the most beautiful pleats pelmet should be cut on the bias, though it will require more consumption of tissue.But the resulting effect will give you real pleasure.Do not forget the hem allowances on the bottom and under the curtain tape.You will also need a tape with fringe tassels (depending on the ideas).Pelmets can be asymmetrical, which will give a special charm to the room.
When sewing tulle fabric consumption depends on the length of the cornice, multiplied by two.So the most beautiful folds achieved.That is, if the length of the cornice is 3 meters, must be equal to the width of tulle 6 meters.Height tulle is usually measured from the eaves to the floor (short 1-2 cm before him).
Helpful Hint
Before sew curtains of tulle, carefully thought-out design of the window opening, and buy everything you need: the main fabric and its companions, fixtures and fittings, ribbons, threadAnd so on.When the pattern, consider the appointment of the room.The kitchen curtains will require the implementation of minimalism - extra draperies and accessories will disturb you and will require frequent washings.In the nursery it is important not to overdo it with bright and cheerful, but also quickly tire the eye colors.The bedroom tulle designed to obscure the room, dispelling the direct sunlight;The choice of materials for window decoration in the living room will depend on your individual interior and design ideas.
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