At work we are often faced with the fact that the glue gets on the skin.Wash it as follows: Prepare the soap as soap can be carefully hand, then using a pumice try to clean the damaged area.If the foam ends, then lather hands again and continue to use a pumice stone (if it is not at hand, you can use sandpaper).
also super glue from the skin can be cleaned with the help of vegetable oil.Dipping into it a cotton swab, wipe the place of contamination.After the glue is gone, wash your hands thoroughly and lubricate them nourishing cream.
Often, the adhesive can get on your clothes or any
other fabric surface, where it is extremely difficult to clean.First, you need to soak the stained clothes in soapy water, so it will be much easier to clean the glue.The blunt side of a knife, try to remove the glue spots.
adhesive can be removed with acetone or any other cleaning agent (for example, nail polish remover).Before you use this method, check the fabric for resistance to this agent, sometimes it can discolor the fabric paint or vice versa.Ideal for testing - seam.Apply acetone to a small area, and then wait about 30 minutes.In that case, if the fabric is not affected, it is possible to proceed to the removal of the adhesive.With a cotton pad, carefully wipe the stain acetone until the moment when the adhesive dissolved.If the fabric is very thick, it is necessary to process each side.
If none of the above methods did not help you, you can contact the store where you bought the super-glue.Typically, they sell special cleaner glue.Remember that we must act according to the instructions, otherwise you will not only remove stains, but also completely ruin the clothes.