you need
  • - curtain fabrics
  • - Paper and pencil pattern
  • - Sewing machine and thread
  • - Scissors
  • - Tailor meter
  • - Fleece or lyuversnaya tape
  • - Iron
  • - Eyelets
  • - Clips for cornices (if necessary)
  • - Press puncher
correctly pick a combination of fabric with eyelets.For heavy curtains buy a special ring that will keep the weight of the web.It is recommended to combine with clips for curtain - these devices support the blind and help you to simulate drapery.Curtains of average weight can be combined with any decorative rings-plates;for light tyuley pick the right color insert of the more dense ti
ssue that will weight the top of the curtains.
carve out a sufficiently long and wide curtain.To drape curtains with eyelets to be successful, you need to consider the classic relation of two meters should get straightened curtains drape meter.Note - for installation of eyelets you will need from 10 to 20 cm in length for the stock upper edge of the hem curtains.Calculate the hem according to the size of the self-adhesive tape eyelets and add another 2-3 cm. It is possible to use a strip of non-woven fabrics.Lining on top of curtains is required - it will allow overlays firmer hold, and folds will be smoother.
Treat curtains side seams.Leave it on top of a small allowance and draw a straight line on which you build flizelinovye linings or special tape.Oversize exactly bend iron and iron.Then you need to bend the top of the curtains lined and carefully to iron, avoiding wrinkles on the surface of the canvas.
Calculate the required number of eyelets.According to the design rules, it must be even, otherwise one side edge of the curtain with grommet is inharmonious stand.To have turned flowing folds, leave the distance between the holes of 15 to 20 cm. Top back down about 5 cm;slightly move the grommet on the side seam.Now make holes.

• Just mark the center of each future grommet pencil;

• Focusing on marks, circle inside the grommet;

• Cut a small hole with sharp scissors.Holes should get 3 cm less than the inner diameter of the eyelets.
Take special equipment for riveting eyelets.Pads are made from decorative front side and a lower ring, which is to withdraw from the top of a sturdy lock.For this to happen, you need to make a considerable effort.You can try to fix eyelets pliers or a hammer, putting on top of a piece of rubber.However, they can be damaged.It is better to buy a special press punch or contact a workshop for making curtains - there you can set eyelets on professional equipment.
Put on the wrong side curtain holes on the lower ring on top (very accurate!) Build out trim.Rivet all the rings - now you can hang curtains with eyelets onto the ledge and drape your convert box.