Look, if there is a spot on the cloth, wash the thing in the usual way does not make sense, it's still there remain.Use the stain remover.Apply it for a few minutes, or wait until the stain disappears under the influence of active components means.Stain has nothing to do with bleach, so do not be confused, otherwise instead of spot you have a hole formed in a tissue or faded color.
otpoloschite Good things in clean warm water, add the powder is optional.This is to ensure that most of the urine left.If you run things directly into the machine, they will be washed in a dilute with water and concentrate urine odor simply disappears.Otpolaskivat
can in the pelvis or short program in a washing machine.
Press things and wash them when appropriate for the type of tissue temperature.Add a little more than normal powder.It is better to wash in the program, which provided an additional washing cycle, so you can avoid unpleasant surprises.
actually properly clean urine is good, even one that has long been dry.But if the smell did not disappear, use any antibacterial powder detergent or children's clothes.They added special substances which eliminate odors not only incontinence, but also other harsh aromas.
also urine stains can be removed and folk remedies, which are applied directly to the area of ​​formation of stains before washing.You can use any tool that you have at home: the solution of common salt (1 tbsp. Spoon 200 ml of water), hypo (1h Spoon 200 ml of water), vinegar or citric acid (1h spoon in a glass of liquid).After application of these solutions need to wash things in soapy water.