you need
  • -matras;
  • -gazirovannaya water;
  • -hydrochloric;
  • -soap;
  • -schetka;
  • -Towels;
  • -paroochistitel;
  • citric juice.
Try to always display the spot as soon as it appeared.Note that with old stains of coping much harder.
To get rid of impurities from the blood, coffee, sweat suit soda and salt.If such spots still very fresh, you only need to thoroughly moisten them with soda water and sprinkle with ordinary salt.Leave the mattress for a few hours: the salt will absorb pollution and change its color.
It can effectively overcome these problems by using ordinary soap and water.However, it is similarly applies only to fresh spots m. However, note that moisture can not get inside the mattress.Therefore, in the proce
ss of cleaning with soap and water is required to soak through the surface of the towel.After cleaning, leave the product to dry in the sun or well blow his hairdryer.
stains of any origin can try to remove with the help of boric acid.To this acid mix with water to a consistency of paste and rub it in well contamination.After one hour shake acid residues with a brush and wipe the place dirt with a sponge dampened with soapy water.After processing the tissue blot dry with a clean towel.
Stains easily removed with a steam cleaner, which helps to effectively get rid of the pollution, not to rub them inside.
Another folk remedy, you may well use a mixture of salt and lemon juice.The paste of these ingredients should be put on the spot and leave them for a few hours.Then vacuum the mattress and dab the place that you process, damp sponge.The procedure can be repeated again to permanently delete all the nasty pollution.
In order to avoid such trouble in the future, buy a mattress pad which is easy to wash and clean the mattress guarantees.