With fresh coffee stains to cope quite easily.To do this, sprinkle dirty place on table salt, wait 5 minutes and wash in the usual way.
But with old patches have a little tricky.Since coffee stains penetrate deep into the material, then bring them eventually becomes quite difficult, but still possible.So, soak for a while slick in the water, and then act according to the instructions on the fabric care.Stains from any tissue will help to remove the mixture of glycerol, ammonia and water in equal proportions.Apply this mixture on the contaminated area and leave for about a day.Then wash off the stain in warm soapy water.
To get rid of stains on
cotton fabric, you can use baking soda.Dip the cloth in the soapy water, adding to a little soda.After a while, wash clothing in clean warm water.Next, prepare a solution of 1 tablespoon.l.soda, 1 tbsp.l.sodium hydrogen sulfate and 3 liters.water.Dip into this solution with a stain clothes, wait until the stain disappears and then re-rinse cloth in warm water.
Remove dirt from fabrics of cotton is also using white.Soak clothes with white water to a quarter hours, and then wash the conventional manner.
If you put a stain on the blouse of linen, then try this place just pour boiling water.A coffee stains from synthetic disappear if you wash clothes in water and alcohol (1 tbsp. L. Alcohol dissolved in a pint of water).
To remove coffee stains with woolen clothes, have some work to do.Put your clothes on a hard surface, beneath the cloth and rub the spot on top of a dry soap.Next, moisten a soft brush every 1% solution of ammonia and rubbing her spot.Do not forget to change the towels.Then rinse the stain with warm water, sprinkle with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it dry in the heat.Later, wash the item in cold water and pat dry.
Get rid of stains from coffee with milk can be gasoline.Wipe it polluted place, and the remaining stains can be soaked 3% hydrogen peroxide.Then lay out the fabric for 10 minutes in the sun.