All sort the laundry by color, type of fabric and allowed washing temperature indicated on the label.
white cotton underwear Wash at 60-90 degrees and load the car on the limit values ​​for specified by the manufacturer.All linens, check for foreign objects, load the car, close the door.In the compartment powder sprinkle powder for automatic machines- , which is intended for washing white clothes.If you are washing liquid powder, it can pour directly into the drum of the mac
hine before downloading, or in powder compartment when you start the machine.Pour fabric softener into the compartment for the air conditioner to the specified mark.Set the desired temperature, the desired spin speed and press "Start".Temperature range can be set to wash said on the program or lower.
All coloreds wash separately in the program for colored clothes and with an appropriate temperature regime.Wash colored clothes can be a means of liquid or powder marked "Color."If a color wash powder for a white linen, it will quickly lose its original color.
Things from wool and knitwear wash in a special program and a liquid vehicle, designed to wash things out of wool and cashmere.
thin and silk underwear should be washed separately in a special program.Load the 2-3 things from fine linen.The program "drying" is not used.Spin does not place or put a minimum.Use the liquid for washing delicate fabrics.
When washing you do not add a special tool that protects the washing machine drum and heaters from scale, then once a month using a special tool from the scale and switch the program without clothes.From the scale, you can use citric acid, which is sold in packages in the form of powder.Fall asleep once a month 10 packs of citric acid and includes a program without clothes.