you need
  • Milk
  • Vata
  • piece of flannel
  • Egg
  • Care Products lacquered shoes
  • Soda
  • shoe cream or oil (castor oil, vegetable, massage)
  • Soap
  • ammonia
  • Care Products leather furniture
Clean smudges on white bag with a cotton swab dipped in warm milk.As dirt wool change.There is a more reliable way to give the bag the original beauty.Whisk egg white with a fork and spread it in a glass of milk.Wipe the bag with this mixture, periodically wetting flannel cloth.Lacquer after cleaning, you can wipe the special means to care for lacquered shoes.If a milk add 5 grams of soda, then the mixture removes gloss with portions of the bag.
Rub bag transparent shoe cream or oil (baby massage, casto
r or sunflower).Then wipe the dirt with a dry cloth.It is not necessary to cover up stains on the bag with white cream or toothpaste - it would look messy, and problems with cleaning products will not solve.
Try cleaning bag with warm soapy water.In water, add a little ammonia and choose baby soap, deducing spots or special care of leather shoes.Then wipe with a clean swab moistened it in glycerine or oil.When cleaning fluid movements done carefully, do not rub the delicate skin too much.Try to keep the bag is not soaked through!Dry at room temperature in a location remote from the heaters.
used to cleanse the stain on the bright surface of the bag means to care for the white leather furniture.Consult the manufacturer of salon furniture.First, try out the acquired liquid or spray on an inconspicuous area, and then proceed according to the instructions.If you regularly handle such means leather accessories, it will be protected from moisture, and will be less dirty.