direct break on the thin fabric sewn up on the wrong side, having laid the cloth on a hard, flat surface.First walk seam "forward needle" and cut the strings sticking out.Then sew the gap with small stitches.Otparte seam through cheesecloth.
darn special fabrics jersey "knit stitch".To invisible seam, pick up the thread, which is fully consistent with the tissue.Ideally, if you can, pull the thread from the edge of the article, such as a seam allowance, or Hem hem.
If the knitted fabric loop is lowered, use a special needle-petleulovitelem.To repair things large knitted using a hook.Lifting loops follow a pattern - fully try to repeat it.The last loop fix on the wrong side of a few stitches.
Velvet sewed up from the inside, then gently flatten the pile.Just proceed with velvet and other fabrics with a nap.To reinforce the seam from the inside priutyuzhte piece of nonwoven fabric.
fabrics such as tweed sutured thread pulled out of the seam allowance.Try to repeat the original weave fabric, it will make almost invisible mending.This method is suitable for all solid "hard" fabric.
darning socks to use a special fungus.Firmly pull the product and sutured across the hole frequent stitches prihvatyvaya fabric 3 mm.Mend a small hole in the same way as normal tissue.