Tip 1: How to make tiebacks

picked up - tissue elements of the interior, gathering the curtains on the sides of the window without moving the ledge.With these decorative and functional holders are elegant draperies.If you show taste and imagination, a simple cloth band turns into a stylish interior accessory.Novice easier to sew curtains catch on of rectangular strips of linen.
you need
  • Fabric Sewing grabs
  • backing web
  • Centimeter
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and paper patterns
  • Iron
  • Yarn and needles
  • sewing machine
  • 2 buttons or keys (riveting press buttons)
  • holder grabs
  • Beyka and other decorative elements are optional
Start preparing for grabs curtains with a careful selection of materials.It is recommended to use a thick cloth or fabric easy to combine with a thick lining.If you want to part with a large pattern, choose a fabric that allows to position it symmetrically on the two picked up.
Wrap a tissue sample for grabs around the sewing curtains and enjoy its appearance.If the materia
l is suitable, make a pattern.According to the standards, the holder for the curtain make 10 cm wide and about 30-40 centimeters long.Adjust its size alone, moving otrez for curtains and draperies trying different - from simple curves to the lush folds.
Make a pattern of parts of four grabs for the future of the base material with a seam allowance of 1-1.5 cm. You can simplify your task to make 2 rectangles, each folded in half.If you want to carve out two pads without allowances.
crosslinking grabs one of the following ways: 1) Place the pad on the underside of the pickup half and sew it invisible stitches on the fold line seam allowance.Stitch details pickup, leaving one part open.Otutyuzhte seams and remove the finished product is available.Open side baste hiding shvom.2) Fold the rectangular pattern in half and bend allowances inside, grab ironed on the edge hems.On seams sew decorative braid or inlay;treat it as the opposite edge of the holder.You can do without the extra hardware if the handle edge of a strong decorative stitching details.
Make buttoned or Rivet buttons at the ends of grabs.For better fixation on the opposite sides of the curtain wall attached special metal hooks for grabs.Choose them in stores sewing accessories from a variety of options: for example, chrome or wood;in the form of various shapes, which can be an important focus of indoor.

Tip 2: How to make your own shade

to create comfort in apartment it is important that you design the interior.You can uvesit wall pictures, put on a bright sofa cushions or draw stars on the ceiling.But your room is completely transformed when you hang the curtains on the windows, made with his own hands, the more so that the windows are usually occupy a large part of the wall, and their design often plays a crucial role in the appearance of your home.
The major role played by the choice of fabric for curtains (Wikimedia Commons)
you need
  • Fabric, thread, needles, scissors, sewing machine, rings or clamps for fastening the curtains on the ledge.
First of all you must choose a design curtains.In bookstores sold a lot of literature on this subject, and on the internet you will find descriptions and photos of the various models, including a detailed description of the fabrication of curtains.
After selecting the design is necessary to measure the window to know how much fabric you'll need.Decide in advance whether you have curtains double or single, whether you want to lay the fabric folds or not (presence of folds means that you will require the fabric 2-3 times longer than the eaves).It is best to lay the matter to buy a stock.From excess tissue can make any additional decoration (pelmet, SMAD, curtain pickup, etc.) that will be in harmony with the curtains.
important role played by the color of the curtains.If you want to have in the room was cozy, it is best to buy curtains of warm colors.If you sew curtains for the nursery, you can choose the fabric with the corresponding drawings.Think in advance how easy or difficult it will be to erase them.Do not choose the fabric, which is heavily painted (in a short time, it may lose the brightness of the colors will look faded cloth), or may take much (otherwise you may get after the first wash curtains instead of short and deformed curtains).Do not forget to pick up the thread in the color of the fabric.
If you do not have sewing experience, first try your hand at a cheap fabric scraps.Proceed in accordance with the saying "measure twice, cut once" and carefully follow all instructions if you sew under any leadership.However, if you already have some experience in the clothing business, you can fully express their imagination and come up with their own design curtains.
Helpful Hint
Decorate Decorative grabs in different ways.Often sheathe cloth two rings (they can even cut out of an empty plastic bottle with a large diameter).It is interesting to look Holders woven from plain or colorful strips of fabric.Holders for curtains knitted or crocheted;make a lush bows;decorated with appliqué and plush figures.Elite curtains and grabs them even decorated with rhinestones and pendants from Swarovski, mounted on the wall holders made of glass or crystal.
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