you need
  • - Drill;
  • - dowels;
  • - screws;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - Roulette;
  • - level.
determine where it will be located roller blind - on the wings, outside or inside the window opening it.Regarding this, remove the appropriate dimensions.If you hang the curtain on the flap, the width of the web should be equal to the width of the window plus 3 cm (1.5 cm on each side).For the second option curtains width equal to the width of the window opening, plus 10 cm (5 cm on each side).Height curtains must be 10 cm greater than the height of the window to the room was quite dark.In the case when the curtain is mounted inside the window, the breadth of the curtains equal to the width of the window opening without 4cm (2cm on each side).The height of the web is 2 cm less than the
height of the opening.
Set for fastening pipes, which will be screwed fabric roll curtains .Mark the center of the window opening.With the level and tape measure, measure the same distance from the center of the window so that the sum of the distance equal to the length of the tube from one attachment to another.Drill the wall in two places.Insert dowels and screw the screws fastening the tube.
Measure 10 cm on the location of the adjustable cord, drill a hole and install additional bracing, if the width of the roll curtains more than 1.5 m. It is necessary to strengthen the structure, since at this pointon the mechanism is the greatest load.
Attach fabric roll curtains using double-sided tape to the tube, and then secure the tube in the mounts.Unwind blinds to the maximum height, in this case leave little paintings on the tube.Wear on the gear disposed at the end of the tube, the control circuit.Castle chain should rest against the rotating mechanism to prevent unwinding curtains .Put on both sides of the mechanism plugs and fix the curtain on the bracket.