you need
  • - organza;
  • - Bias binding to match the fabric;
  • - thread;
  • - needle;
  • - safety pins;
  • - Curtain tapes;
  • - sewing machine.
to manufacture curtains of organza fabric you will need 1.5 to 2 times the width of the cornice.Organza - the fabric is quite thin and slippery, so handle it must be very careful not to damage.Otherwise, all the work can go down the drain.
Lay the fabric on a flat and relatively large surface area (on the floor or a table), and carefully cut the edges of the fabric.Side sections obsheyte bias binding (it is sold in the store tissues).Pin her safety pins and sour manually.Stitch Bakey on the sewing machine.In order to obtai
n a uniform line, observe the location of tabs to the edge Bakey.For sewing use the sharp needle number 80, and the thin thread matching inlay.
If you are not able to acquire oblique Bakey, the bend section of twice the width of 0.7-1 cm, cream and Stitch on a typewriter.It is also possible to process a narrow edge overlozhnoy line.
Measure the distance from the eaves to the desired length curtains.Measure the length from the bottom of organza.Peel back the top edge of the fabric on the wrong side.English-pin Pin curtain braid at a distance of three centimeters from the edge.
curtain organza choose dense and transparent corrugated braid.This narrow ribbon is pulled by two "strings", forming soft folds.In addition, the curtain with a tape very easy to mount curtains using small plastic hooks.And Curtain tape helps strengthen the upper edge of the curtains, keeps its shape and does not allow the edge of the sag.
prostrochite taped on the sewing machine close to the edge on both sides.The edges of the tape to bend and scribbling.Pull to a value equal to the width of the cornice.Threads to tie the ends cut off.
organza curtains otutyuzhte.Note that iron should not be much hotter.Now you can decorate the window.