you need
  • - oxygen bleach;
  • - stain remover;
  • - powder with optical brighteners;
  • - soda;
  • - hydrogen peroxide;
  • - acetic acid.
Take oxygen bleach.You can buy it at the hardware store.Read the instructions for use.Typically, these funds are suitable for all kinds of fabric.Pour into a bowl of warm water and put the recommended dose of bleach.Carefully granules dissolve and only then dip into the liquid product.Leave for 15-30 minutes.If bra strongly darkened, increase the time to 2-3 hours.Then wash it with powder.
If bra e decorations are a different color, use a modern remover.It will freshen the color white, but at the same time not spoil the bright colors picture or ruff.Add it at each wash, if y
ou have poor quality tap water.
Easy has a bleaching effect and hydrogen peroxide.Add a liter of warm water 2-3 tablespoons of liquid.Soak the lingerie in the resulting solution overnight.In the morning be sure to wash.Similarly applies acetic acid solution (2 tablespoons per gallon of water).
freshen the color of underwear will help ordinary powder, which includes an optical brightener.But it's worth noting that washes clothes only good-quality detergents, so choose something that relates to the average price category.Use a cheap powder inappropriate, there was little active ingredients, so the result does not always meet expectations.