you need
  • knife, iron, paper towels or cloth.
blunt edge of a knife gently scrape off the wax with a drop of spoiled things.
Cover the ironing board with a paper towel or cloth.This is done in order not to spoil the ironing board cover.Then put on a cloth item with spot on top and cover with another towel.
Preheat the iron to the minimum temperature, the corresponding mode ironing delicate fabrics.Gently iron the spot through a paper napkin.
Once the stain will appear on a napkin, it must be replaced by a new one.Repeat this procedure several times until the stain from the candles disappears.To completely remove any trace of the thing you need ironing after wash.
If stains candle ruined carpet, touch a hot iron, with its pile is extremely undesirable.To protect the carpet take a sheet of cardboard, make a hole in it slightly larger than the spot.Cover the cardboard paper towel so that the spots are located above the hole.Iron carpet, do not forget to change the paper, as described above.When on a napkin cease to manifest trace of stain, clean the carpet with a special shampoo.