Tip 1: How to sew a pillow with his hands

Cushions make the interior warmer and cozier.So nice to burrow into the pillow, sitting on the couch, or get comfortable lying on the floor.When choosing fabric for pillowcases decorative pillows, evaluate its combination with the interior of your room.Immediately Possibility to take a pillowcase and wash, so as not to push the pillow entirely in the washing machine.
you need
  • - a large sheet of paper (a piece of wallpaper or newspaper)
  • - pencil
  • - scissors
  • - dressmaker pins
  • - filler
  • - cloth interior pillowcases
  • - fabric for decorativepillowcases
  • - include the long strip of faux fur
  • - sewing machine
Draw on the paper pattern of your pillow.This can be a heart, then draw a heart shape with a pencil.If you have a square or rectangular pillow, use a ruler for drawing your pattern.Do not forget to make a seam allowance of 1.5 cm on each side.Cut out the pattern.
Attach the pattern to the fabric for sewing the inside pillowcases.Pin around the perimeter dress
maker pins.Now you can transfer the pattern onto the fabric with a pencil or a piece of soap.And with confidence, cut just two blanks on the attached form, pre-folded cloth in two layers.
Sew on a typewriter inside a pillow case so that there is a hole into which you can stick your hand while holding it for a filler cushion.Tamp pillow scraps of fabric, yarn, or pieces of padding polyester batting.Note that when using the cushion trampled and become not as plump as svezhenapolnennaya.The hole through which you filled pillow , sew by hand
Attach the pattern to finished fabrics for decorative pillowcases.Attach the pattern pins.Throw on each side of 2 cm and cut the front piece.The outer pillow case should be slightly larger than the inside.
Fold the paper pattern in half and pin it to the fabric.Make allowances for the seams of 2 cm on each side.Vykroyte another same item.The back of the decorative pillowcases consists of two parts.In the middle of the pillow is cut, through which is inserted inside the stuffed pillow.
Fold the middle section of the back of the pillow and sew it on the machine.Then fold the blank decorative pillowcases face inward.If you plan to put on the edge of the pillow fur trim or fringe, do not forget at this point to put them all together to Sew on a typewriter.Put a pillow stuffed in a decorative pillow.At any time, the outer pillow case can be removed and washed.

Tip 2: How to sew a pillow-Cloud with his hands

Sew hour unusual pillow.It would be nice to lie down, take a nap, putting his head under a slight cloud.The product is good in that it is under the power to create even inexperienced craftswomen.

fabric mold

Start sewing pillow with matching fabric.For it is not necessary to go to the store.Maybe your child has grown, but it remains covered in white or blue?It is perfect.Create a design item can be out of the ordinary white sheets.If you have otrez pink fur fabric with a small pile, velor, flannel, you get a soft and pleasant to touch the product.

Take the drawing paper or a piece of cardboard the size of 50x30 cm. Pencil, draw a cloud on it.Wavy edge issued with a cup of glass.Turn these items cookware upside down.The bowl will make bulging wave glass - concave.This process allows a complete improvisation.You can portray the cloud the way you want.Fans correct forms can be folded in half along the cardboard, draw a wavy line on the top and on the sides, cut on the planned path.Now unbent sheet and before the eyes appears symmetric cloud.

Cutting, sewing

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together.Apply a ready template to the wrong side.Cleave the pins with his blade.Not much on the simple pressing a soft pencil, paint over the outlines.Remove the pins and the pattern, cut out the pencil lines, leaving all sides 1 cm allowances on seams.

neaten edge overlock or zigzag manner.If the machine has this operation, when at the same time you can create a seam and then used to sew it, use it.If you have nothing to treat the edges on their hands do not want, do not worry, you can leave them natural, but to stitch together two halves of the pillow-clouds necessary.Do not forget to leave on one of the small sides nezashitoe space equal to 10-15 cm.

Through it, remove the blank on the front side airbags.This hole will help in completing the product.Put a light padding polyester.Previously it should be cut into small pieces.Spread the filling evenly.Take the needle and thread to match, sew the hole in her arms.Pillow-cloud ready.


If you are sewing for the baby, want to on one side of the product has application, create it in advance.Once you have made the cut, neaten the edges of parts, start decorating.The idea for the application will prompt children's picture book.Transfer the pattern on the fabric.

Include details of application to the fabrics suitable color, cut without seam allowance.Now place them on the front of one of the parts cloud-cushion and sew a seam obmetochnym.You can attach a piece of red tape, making it a frame a smiling mouth, Stitch conventional suture.Blue ribbons will be the eyes.Cheerful face cloud ready.

If these methods do not suit you decorate, attach adhesive applique iron.Then sew the pillow part, leaving a gap, put through a light filler.

child will be delighted.On the pillow with their favorite characters, he will fall asleep.And adults will enjoy a comfortable thing.
Helpful Hint
Decorative pillowcases are zippered or buttoned.
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