you need
  • - eyelets;
  • - lyuversnaya tape or interlining;
  • - punch or small scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk or a pencil;
  • - centimeter;
  • - iron.
Buy two width curtain fabrics, so you can drape beautifully on a new curtain eyelets.For example, if the window width of 1.5 m, prepared curtains should be twice as wide, i.e.3 m. Deal with side seams and bottom, good iron it.
upper edge, at the place where will be fixed eyelets, seal lyuversnoy tape at a distance of 0.5-1 cm from the edge.If you are not able to buy the tape, use for this purpose nonwoven strip width of 10 cm or less (it should be greater than the diameter of the rings).Gluing or fleece tape with iron, turn on the edge of the curtain, and then iron.
eyelets Divide into two parts.With one half to mark a place o
f fastening eyelets on the curtains, looking around her tailor's chalk or a pencil on the inner diameter.Calculations are based on the fact that the need to fasten eyelets at the same distance (12 to 20 cm), and the number of them in the cloth must be even (to both edges of the finished drapes were rotated in the same direction).In this back down to 5 cm from the top and side edges of the curtains.
When the attachment points are marked, make holes.They make them special punch, but fit and small scissors.Separate the holes crosswise, then cut out the circles on marked diameter, adding 0.5 cm inside.This allowance is to eyelets on the cloth held more tightly.
Install the lower half of the grommet under the slotted hole of the second part of the top cover and fasten the parts together.Doing the same operation with all the remaining holes, ready-made curtains hang on the ledge.