you need
  • - old children's tights
  • - thick hook
  • - scissors
is best for the material for the future of the old rug suit children's tights.Cut them to the width of the tape in a half - two centimeters, moving in a circle across the weave of threads in the direction from the toe to the gum.Connect the individual pieces of cloth, tying uzly.Takzhe you can use any unnecessary items from the soft and durable fabric, jeans, fleece jackets, cotton shirts.Knitting rugs very useful Bakey - long synthetic tape wound into a coil.But its negative is that it is not made from natural materials and products from it will not absorb moisture (for example, if something is spilled on it), and knit it is not very pleasant for ruk.Vam also need thickhook and scissors.
Sliced ​​fabric wound into balls an
d arrange them by color.Choose the matching ones for the production of rug.
If you want to make a rug round shape of the ribbon tie a chain of eight stitches and close it in the ring.Tie his columns without nakida without making additions.Next, tie a series of ten columns with nakida.Continue knitting in a circle to the desired diameter, uniformly adding the number of columns in each row to obtain a clean rug.Change the color in the beginning of the series to make the strip.That they receive equal, knit at least two - three rows of each color.If you link a series of columns is only one without nakida line will zigzag.
To make a rectangular mat, tie a chain of aerial loops, the length of which should be the width of your future product.Count the number of loops to further knit the same series, or rug will be uneven.Tie string columns without nakida knit and continue until the desired length by changing the color at the beginning of the series.Dovyazav until the end, do edging of columns without nakida around the perimeter of the product.Secure the last loop and cut the ribbon.
Once you have connected the rug, carefully review it to find nodules that turned you in places where you connected the different tapes.Mask of inserting directly into the loops, and cut the excess tails.It remains only to wash and starch rug.