you need
  • cornice
Many modern curtains are attached to the ledge using a wide loops of the same fabric as the main curtain, or braid, ribbons, and otherdense tissue.These curtains are hung up and removed very easily, but it looks quite informal, so do not use this type of fastening in offices or libraries.In addition, sometimes the bad tissue slides along the eaves, so the curtains difficult to open and close.For this there are special sticks hung from the eaves of the inner edge of the curtains.Leading for the end of a stick, you can easily move the loop in one direction or another.
most expensive and fashionable, perhaps, is the way of fastening eyelets on curtains.Eyelets - a large metal (or cheaper, plastic) rings, are attached along the edge curtains like rivets.Eyelets look great in the interior and provide a good sliding curtains on the
ledge.However, this method of fixing heavy, do not do this at home, and in addition it is not suitable for all fabrics, lightweight fabrics, tulle and so it is impossible to fix.
old way of fixing the curtains to the eaves - a variety of shaped hooks.In the shade of the upper edge of the small loops sewn, metal or fabric, thread, thin laces.On the cornice hanging hooks for which cling to the loops.The method is very time consuming, besides loops during heavy curtains strive is slid off the hook, we have to climb up and correct.
Sometimes curtains hung on the special alligator clips.Usually these clips are attached to the eaves of one-piece loop and blind inserted in them something like underwear hang on pegs.Such a method can not be called easy, too, because as long as the curtain holds too few clips, it can not be allowed to hang on their total weight.It turns out that it is necessary to keep the curtains, and even open and close the clips and insert to the upper edge.The advantage of this method is only what you can not prepare the curtain.Naturally, it should be stapled, but no loops or rings sewn not additionally required.