lilac: correct dosage and use the place

purple flowers is considered to be girlish.However, it is suitable not only for nursery or bedroom, but would be relevant in any other corner of the house.The main thing - to withstand the correct dosage of lavender.

This color is twofold and complicated.It is very dangerous for the temperamental personalities: the annoying purple pigment may provoke or melancholy, or the constant scandals.Simultaneously, purple is the color of people's spiritual and creative.He is able to put to work the imagination and captivate the world of castles in the air. If you want your child to become more creative, learn to dream and fantasize - add to the interior of the children's purple color.It
will be enough, even decorative elements: blankets, pillows, frames, carpet.

designers recommend the use of lilac in large spaces.In this case, you will be able to beat him, and hiding some minor cold.The concentration of lavender in the room does not depend on the amount of light: the color will always look noble and elegant.

perfect color combination with purple color

for every room in the house in a couple of lilac should be selected certain shades.So you get a spectacular, rich interior, which will be a daily delight and inspire you.For example, in the living room connect with milk lilac, yellow, white, pale pink, purple.These colors can be shown in detail (pillows, bedspreads, curtains) and be essential.All shades can be combined with each other, a little bohemian neutralizing languor and lilac. Spectacular interior you get by combining purple with its close relative - dark purple.The contrasting colors looks very elegant.The binder may be the color white.

The bedroom lilac particularly relevant.If you - a lonely romantic girl, make yourself a room in which I want to fantasize and dream.To do this, connect the purple with a light beige, pastel pink, ivory or pearl.More restrained, elegant bedroom you get when you add to the basic color of gold.For a pair of remarkable combination will lilac with wooden / straw.

Kitchen - a great place to lilac.On assurances of psychologists, the cool shade, along with the blue and green, a little appetite suppressant that will help you stay in shape.For a beautiful kitchen suitable combination of purple with silver, chocolate, peach, menthol.

should also mention the introduction of lilac in the nursery.There should be complemented with bright, warm colors, charge positive.Perfectly suited orange, sunny yellow, coral.Also lilac combines well with blue and green.