Tip 1: How to make accessories for a bath with his hands


bathroom unique in several ways: stick to the wall and hang the tile exclusive unprecedented lamps, look for plumbing original color and design, or your hands make only a few truly exclusive accessories.
you need
  • - small glass jars;
  • - scissors;
  • - fabric with a large pattern;
  • - decoupage glue;
  • - brush glue;
  • - aerosol sealant;
  • - polymer clay (freezes in the air);
  • - an empty carton of juice;
  • - wooden plate;
  • - superglue;
  • - electric cartridge;
  • - wire with a fork;
  • - light bulb;
  • - plastic bags;
  • - thick metal hook;
  • - sea pebbles;
  • - rubber mat.
Make beautiful palm brushes from old glass jars.Wash with soap banks if on the outside there is a label or adhesive from them, remove it with a stiff brush.Several pieces of cut tissue desired size, e.g., height cans.Brush, apply a thin layer of glue on the outer surface of the can.
Firmly press the fabric to the bank, smoothing the surface with your fingers so that no more air bubbles.Leave for 20 minutes to dry.App
ly another thin layer of glue on the fabric.If a thick layer is obtained after drying oshkurte little jar with fine sandpaper, then again, apply a thin layer of glue.When the glue is dry, cover it from the aerosol sealant to prevent moisture spoiled cover.
Homemade lamp made of polymer clay and decorate the bathroom.Take a cardboard box and squeeze it out of the tube polymer clay.You can do this in a chaotic manner, giving a certain pattern.Do not use clay to the bottom and the top of the box.Put the box to dry clay.
sure that the clay is dry (it should not wrinkle and stick to your hands).Carefully remove the box from the resulting shades (box can crush to facilitate pulling out).Take a wooden plate, make a hole in the center, pass through the wire and attach the chuck.
Spread glue the edges of the plate and attach it to the ceiling of clay.Carefully press.Now screw in a light bulb - it can be done through the top of the ceiling.Put the finished luminaire made of polymer clay on a shelf in the bathroom room or attach to the wall - diffused light create a romantic mood.
an exclusive massage bath mat of plastic bags.Cut strips of bags 5-7 cm (the thinner the package, the wider the band), rewind them into a ball, without tying the ends of the strips.Link chain of air loops and tie it without nakida columns, giving the rug desired shape (round to square).Speakers from the ends of the strips of carpet trim on the underside of the finished product.You can make a rug of any size, it all depends on the number of bags and your imagination.
Massage pad can be made from old rubber mat and sea or river pebbles, which many people like to bring from travels.Wash and dry the rubber mat.Now, some parts of the MPE Spread glue and stick pebbles, forming patterns, or simply picking up the stones in height.Ready mat sure to dry in the open air for a day.

Tip 2: How to make bathroom accessories

Bath - this is the place where you are most vulnerable, naked, where you like nowhere else wants bliss, comfort and beauty, so it is understandable desire to make it as easy as possiblemore beautiful, comfortable, individually.Now in stores a wide range of accessories for the bathroom, but if you want her to have an individual character, it reflects your preferences, you can do something with their hands.
How to make bathroom accessories
you need
  • - yarn;
  • - hook for knitting;
  • - wire;
  • - terry cloth;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - images from different materials (leather, paper, cloth);
  • - pebbles and seashells.
If you value comfort, you can decorate the bathroom knitted accessories.For instance, will look very original woven mats on the floor, on the toilet seat, as well as knitted toilet paper holder and details (for example, air freshener, etc.).It is best to choose a synthetic yarn.It is well washed and dried and has a long service life, while maintaining a decent view.It is necessary to acquire a thick yarn or knit products in two lines.Knitting can either hook, and using the technique of macrame.
toilet paper holder, as well as holders or stands for toothbrushes or shelf for cosmetics and shampoos you can make yourself a wire.You must perform them in the same style of uniform material, then bathroom will look stylish.
can create your own hands washcloth or even a few - for each family member.For children, for example, make a hedgehog or a duckling.Sponge can be terry cloth (available with foam or soap inside), knitted massage shower, made of natural materials or synthetic.You can make washcloths in the same style, and then they will decorate your bath.
Decorate existing bathroom accessories using decoupage.This method helps to cause images on almost any surface.Also you can make in a single style for a cup of toothbrushes, soap dish, toilet paper holder, brush and even toilet seat.
To make it nice to look at myself in the mirror in the bathroom, it too can be issued in your preferred style.Shall describe it with acrylic paints or glue shells and sea pebbles, so you will create the mood of the sea.You can place a mirror in the ethnic style, for example, make a sticker or painted zebra or leopard.
Helpful Hint
mat from the sea or river pebbles, not only decorate the bathroom, but also take care of your feet, massaging the active points on the soles.
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